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Advertisers FAQ’s

If you’re searching for a holiday habitat or enquiring about advertising with us, we may be able to answer your questions? If the answer relating to your question is not listed below please contact us at

Q1. Uploading New Property Information – Existing Advertisers

If you are an existing advertiser it is very simple to upload new information to your property page! All you have to do is click on the following link (advertisewithus) and type in any changes into the text boxes followed by your property reference number and hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. Or you can email us at:

Q2. Changing or Deleting Images

You can change or delete images at any time during your advertising period free of charge. Just click on the following link (advertisewithus) and upload new images as required or let us know which ones you wish to delete.

Q3. Image Hints & Tips

We recommend picking your best image for the first position in your image gallery and this will also be displayed on our property scroll bar page. External shots work especially well here. Also take a look at the photos that you are using. Are they showing your property at it’s best?

Do you have a good mix of internal and external images; are they well lit? Holiday renters like to see what the interior looks like before committing to a booking. They will also be keen to see any attractive scenic images from the property or nearby, remember you are selling the area too! If you would like to know how to take the best images of your holiday home and useful photo hints and tips go to our property hints and tips page.

Q4. Problems Uploading Images

There are a few common problems people have when trying to upload photos on to the internet.

4.1 – You’ve Updated Your Information, But The Changes Are Not Showing On Your Profile

This is a problem known as ‘caching’ where your computer has stored the old version of the page and is not displaying the new changes. Caching only affects you when you view the page from your own computer, so other people looking at your advert will be able to see the advert correctly.

To see the latest version of your property page, bring up the page in question and then holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard whilst clicking on the ‘F5’ key, which will ‘force refresh’, the page. If you are using a Mac, hold down the ‘Command’ key (or the ‘Apple’ key) and press ‘R’.

4.2- You’re trying to upload photos to the site but your page always seems to time-out

If this happens you are probably trying to add photos that are too big for the speed of your internet connection. First, try adding each photo one by one. If you are still having problems use an image editor to resize your images to no more than 2 megs per image.

4.3 – Adding or Replacing Images

You can add or amend your images at any time (maximum of 6 to appear on property page). To replace an existing image you can carry out the same process and upload a new image using the following link (advertisewithus) and follow the instructions as you did when you first created your property page.

Q5. Changing My email Enquiry Address

You can change the email address that we forward booking enquiries to by letting us know at and please quote your property reference number.

Q6. Problems Receiving email Enquiries

You can do some basic checks to ensure that you always receive the booking enquiries we forward to you; first check there is plenty of room in your email inbox, and secondly that the enquiry emails are not being deemed spam by your email server. If you find email from this address in your spam / junk folder then simply add the address to your address book to stop it happening again.

Q7. The emails Bounce

The most common problem when responding to booking enquiries for your holiday home is that emails you send back to a possible customer will ‘bounce’ back to your email service provider as failed.

This is often a result of the holidaymaker typing their email address incorrectly, or their inbox being too full to receive any more incoming messages. Look at their email address carefully to see if there are any obvious mistakes you could rectify, such as their name or email provider missing a letter. If they have provided a telephone number then give them a call and answer their question straight away. More bookings are made if you reply within 4 hours of the enquiry!

Please Note:

Habitats Abroad will only receive the same information from email enquiries as our advertisers do, so unfortunately if you are unable to contact the enquirer you will need to wait for them to get back in touch with you.

Q8. Fraudulent Booking Enquiries

Habitats Abroad accept no responsibility for fraudulent bookings! Please see our T & C’s

Q9. Unsolicited Sales Calls

Property owners may be contacted by companies to sell their products, but please note these are not associated with our company and we will not have released any of your details to them. Unfortunately because you have listed your contact number on the website it is in the public domain and there is little we can do to prevent these companies from contacting you. Approach anything like this with caution and make sure you fully research the company before agreeing to anything.

We may call you as part of our normal business practice but if you receive unexpected calls claiming to be from Habitats Abroad you may wish to verify that it is really us. Ask us to confirm the date of the last booking enquiry you received from us – information only you and our staff have access to.

Q10. Property Advertisement Cancellation

If an advertiser wishes to have their property details removed from our site before the end of their advertising contract, this will be done as soon as we receive formal notice from the advertiser by email to

No refunds will be given. Payments for annual adverts relate to the specific advert and period for which the advertising was originally purchased.

Q11. Text & Image Copyright

Under copyright law it is strictly against our terms and conditions to copy text and photos from another advert, website or published material. We therefore ask that each property profile is unique, with text written in your own words and only your own images are used.

Q12. Linking To Other Websites

If you have a private website for your property you can link to it from your Habitats Abroad property profile.

If you return the link (i.e. add the link on your website back to Habitats Abroad), then your link out is free of charge. Inbound and outbound links are hugely beneficial for your website and ours in boosting how they are perceived and ultimately ranked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

When you have added the link onto your website, please email us at to let us know on which page or pages of your site you have added the link and we will activate the link to your website.

As per the terms and conditions of use of our website, we do not allow website addresses other than links directly to your site within the main body of your property profile. Neither do we allow links to business or competitor sites. We reserve the right to remove and / or deactivate any links as required and without notice.

Q13. Payments

Payments for advertisements can be made through Paypal.

Q14. Any Other Questions

If you have a question relating to the advertising of your property which we have not answered on this page please contact us at

If you are a holidaymaker and wish to contact one of our property owners, please use the contact information posted on their property page.

Habitats Abroad. We rent directly from owner’s villa holidays, apartments, cottages, gites and other holiday homes in France, Spain, USA and the Dordogne
Habitats Abroad. We rent directly from owner’s villa holidays, apartments, cottages, gites and other holiday homes in France, Spain, USA and the Dordogne