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Motorists tend to see France as a challenge to be wrestled into submission. They arrive at their destination wild eyed and on the verge of madness. “Straight from Calais, 8 hours non stop!” they cry in manic triumph before collapsing.

Their wives (for these fanatics are always men) look ready to slip a stiletto between the husband’s ribs, if only they could summon the energy. The children are in a road-induced cataleptic trance. And they call this a holiday!

There is an alternative to such lunacy. It is to consider you are on holiday the moment you land in France. Slow down, stop to eat, sleep and see something of the country
on the way.

Whichever way you choose to visit France, remember it’s not a marathon it’s a holiday!


France Car Hire work with all the major rental agencies in
France, car hire is a competitive industry with prices changing almost constantly, they track these changes and bring you the best rates together in one place so you are reassured the best deal.

Enjoy the pleasures of France, hassle free, either one-way or return rentals are available, whether your destination is the Alps, the Med or the capital Paris we can arrange your car rental from the airport, train station or from the town/ city centre.




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